We celebrated the English week on 9-13 May at our school.During this week we prepared the exhibition wich consisted of the 5 stands with the information about our project partner countries ( Czech Republic, Poland ,Greece, Slovakya and at least our country- Turkey).
During the breaks our students could hear some English songs in the school's corridors.
We also organized the "Spelling Bee " competition.The students from the 2nd , 3d and the 4th grades participated in it.
On the 18th of May some of our teachers are going to Slovakya for the meeting so we asked the students to draw pictures for their friends from Slovakya.
At the end of the English week we had the English Fair in our school's garden where our students had an apportunity to play different games using their knowledge of English and win some presents for their success. We really had a great fun!

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